At TBH Packaging ® we supply a wide range of premium, environmentally friendly food and drink packaging, at the most competitive prices. Explore our product ranges below.


750ml Kraft Paper Bowl - 300pk750ml Kraft Paper Bowl - 300pk
750ml Kraft Paper Bowl - 300pk
Sale price£22.50
1300ml Kraft Paper Bowl - 300pk1300ml Kraft Paper Bowl - 300pk
No.8 Leak Proof Kraft Deli Box - 300pkNo.8 Leak Proof Kraft Deli Box - 300pk
Standard Kraft Clamshell - 250pkStandard Kraft Clamshell - 250pk
No.1 Leak Proof Kraft Deli Box - 450pkNo.1 Leak Proof Kraft Deli Box - 450pk
Black Burger Tray - 500pkBlack Burger Tray - 500pk
Black Burger Tray - 500pk
Sale price£17.95
Kraft Baguette Tray - 500pkKraft Baguette Tray - 500pk
Kraft Baguette Tray - 500pk
Sale price£24.75
10" Black Open Ended Hot Dog Tray - 500pk10" Black Open Ended Hot Dog Tray - 500pk
16oz RPET Smoothie Cup - 1000pk16oz RPET Smoothie Cup - 1000pk
Black Baguette Tray - 500pkBlack Baguette Tray - 500pk
Black Baguette Tray - 500pk
Sale price£24.95

Looking for branded food & drink packaging?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve your brand’s identity and trustworthiness, whilst increasing product presentation and customer loyalty, personalised food & drink packing may be for you. 


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