Black Gingham Paper - 1000pk

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Case Quantity: 1000

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Key Information:
• Size (LxW): 250 x 200mm
• Eco: Recyclable
• Use: Perfect For Lining Wet & Oily Foods


If you are looking to greatly enhance product presentation, look no further than our black chequered gingham sheets. In addition to the paper’s attractive design, they are food safe and recyclable.

These greaseproof sheets are perfect for general food wrapping, with the paper helping to maintain the flavour, aroma, and appearance of the food, whilst allowing it to breathe.

These sheets are also perfect for lining boxes and trays when serving food that is particularly oily or greasy in nature. 

This product comes packed in 1 x 1000 sheets.

Case Quantity
1000 (1x1000)

Dimensions (mm)
250 x 200 mm


Food-grade paper