Kraft Standard Meal Tray - 500pk

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Case Quantity: 500

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Key Information:
•Size: 240/190 x 150/85 x 45mm (See 2nd Image)
•Eco: Compostable, Biodegradable & Recyclable
•Use: Perfect For Serving Fish & Chips, Burger & Fries and More!


If you are looking for cost-effective & eco-friendly packaging for serving food-to-go, look no further than our compostable kraft meal trays. These meal trays are made from sustainably sourced paperboard and are both compostable and recyclable. 

These trays are typically used for serving fish & chips or a burger & fries, but the thick board can accommodate a variety of both hot and cold foods, with plenty of sauce. The open top design allows for quick service, perfect for the busy caterer.

If the product you are serving is particularly oily or greasy, you may want to consider lining your tray with one of our greaseproof sheets, further enhancing presentation.

Nested in packs of 4 x 125, so require minimal storage.

Case Quantity
500 (4x125)

Dimensions (mm)
240/190 x 135/85 x 35 mm

Compostable / Biodegradable / Recyclable

Food-grade paper board